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Below you will find a list of our Sharps and their respective sports. Click on their bios to view more information.


Sharp Sports Division/Conference Record Bio & Selections Favorite
Overall ATS Last 10 ATS Overall OU Last 10 OU
James Salinas
24-17-2 4-4 6-6 1-1 View Bio and Selections

James Salinas (NFL): Salinas co-founded Sharp Angle Sports and is the lead NFL Sharp with a proven track record of winning. Having won the 2015 Super Contest with a record of 59-23-3 (72% ATS), Salinas followed up 2016 with a third-place overall finish 52-30-3 (63.4% ATS). Between 2015 to 2018 Salinas has compiled an overall pick record of 205-119-16 (63.3% ATS). He follows the mantra, Are you looking to gamble or are you looking to win?

Louis Finocchiaro

6-6-2 4-2-2 1-0 1-0 View Bio and Selections

Lou Finocchiaro (UFC and Moutain West CFB): Finocchiaro has been a professional bettor for the past 20 years. Besides his comprehensive focus on the UFC, Lou will also concentrate on the Mountain West College Football conference.

Brad Feinberg

Big Ten
33-19-1 7-3 1-2 - View Bio and Selections

Brad Feinberg (SEC, Big Ten, Pac-12): Feinberg is a professional sports bettor who takes an innovative approach to game selection by combining a computer database stocked with 18 years of data and his unique ability to factor in the human element of sports. A true Sharp” Brad has made his living as a bettor since 1993. NBC Sports Philadelphia recognized his talent and hired Brad as on-air talent to be their sports betting and gambling expert.

Anthony Stalter

Big 12
15-16-1 4-5-1 1-2-1 - View Bio and Selections

Anthony Stalter (Big 12 CFB): Stalter joins the Sharp Angle Sports team as the lead sharp for Big 12 College Football. His vast knowledge of sports betting is highlighted by his work on and in St. Louis where he serves as a betting columnist. In 2018 Stalter finished at 53-29-3 (65% ATS) picking NFL games on